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Please remember that the information below is no substitute for advice from your health professional.

I have been asked for advice on what remedies to take to help heal a broken bone.  Every homeopath seems to have a different protocol.  Here is mine which I think has been useful.

You need - Calc Phos 6x ( available as a tissue salt)

                - Symphytum 9

                - Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30

Take Calc Phos twice a day and Symphytum twice a day for a fortnight after the bone has been set. Alternate the remedies so I suggest Symphytum on waking, Calc Phos mid-morning,Symphytum mid -afternoon and then Calc Phos before bed. Eupatorium Perfoliatum if and when there is pain in the bone - no more than 3 doses a day. Allow the remedy to dissolve under the tongue in a mouth free of flavours. 

If you are taking Calc Phos made as a tissue salt then take 2 of those pills.  If manufactured by a homeopathic pharmacy then just take one. Of the other two remedies a dose is one pill. Symphytum is knitbone ( makes sense doesn't it?) and one of the indications for Eupatorium Perfoliatum is " pain in the bone as if broken." Well - it is.  I suggest that you stop after taking the pills for a fortnight. 

Jet Lag

I suggest that you take these two remedies with you - Arnica 30 and Cocculus 30.  

Then when you get there decide which remedy suits your symptoms the better.

Arnica - if you feel batttered and bruised by the journey

Cocculus - for that woozy, not quite sure what planet you are on feeling.

You probably only need one or two doses.